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The Student Village dream.


Hi there, I am excited to welcome you to this village. So errrrrrrrm, what’s this village about? Well it all began in my; I was enjoying a great shower and I realised how awesome it would be if there was a platform where students can interact, and I’m not talking about facebook or twitter kind of interact, I mean imagine you need help on a certain school topic and all you need to do is come online, visit a page and BAM!! You have hundreds of people available to help you, cool right?

I hope you get the drift aye? Also I want you to know being a student goes beyond the classroom, but I’m sure you know that already so if you are reading this and you are done with school you are still a part of this village, anyways moving forward; I’d love if you come here and just express yourselves, look out for each other and most importantly help each other grow. Talking about growing, Student Village has one more trick up its sleeves, the Market place! Click here to get more gists about this awesome forum feature.


Village head

Seyi Samuel

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