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We Need Student Leaders : Things You Have To Do

Leadership is common these days, but the availability of true leaders is almost non existent. Once upon a time, student union organisations in Nigerian universities were a force to reckon with. Their press releases sent chills down the spines of sitting government officials.

Being a student leader was never a role for the weak hearted, such leaders were welcome into the society as activists long after they had graduated from school and they had one way or the other effected change outside the four corners of the institution.


What You Should Do


Make out time to lead – Some people believe leaders are not born, they are made. That’s an argument for another day. If you want to lead, you have to spend time learning the ropes, accepting the sacrifices and the risks so you don’t burn out halfway.


Create a team and connect with them – Most of us know prominent leaders but we aren’t aware of the people that helped them become “prominent” every great leader has a dedicated team, not people who say yes to everything but people who are ready to die for the cause first, then you second.


More Action, Less Words – Leadership is beyond climbing a podium and steering unrest with a loud megaphone, it’s beyond creating chants, as a leader you must make moves that will provide results, but you should know not all results will yield as intended, but you keep pushing.


Recognize the good and bad – You need to make it a point to give recognition and reward good performance. This will have a positive reinforcement and encourage the act to be repeated.

Recognizing and rewarding good performance will also encourage other team members to adopt the best practice. Same goes with a weakness – you need to pick up on it and address it promptly. Address a weakness or mistake privately if possible or avoid mentioning names if it’s necessary to share with the team.


Remember, the objective of addressing a mistake is to learn from it and not about pointing fingers.


Nigerian Student Union needs effective leaders, people who want better education, and a better country.

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