Why you should(not) send your child to boarding school. 

Why you should(not) send your child to boarding school. 
Parents, sometimes are faced with the challenge of deciding which education pattern would be best for their children during their 6 years of stay in secondary school. Some would say Day school is the best, because their children, came out with good grades, others would agree that boarding school helped their children become more Independent and also gave them good grades. In this article we would try to bring forth what makes both systems great and not so great.
Boarding school 
The Good side : Students who attend boarding school are most times given the opportunity to be free from their parents watchful eyes at an early stage, this gives them the opportunity to make life changing decisions without parental influence, they grow into young adults, who can face any challenge on their own, because their biggest challenge which was to stay away from their folks and survive has been completed.
   Boarding school also helps them to create habits that stick. In a typical boarding school everything, every activity is timed, from wake up time, to lunch, to night reading, everything is timed, eventually when your child leaves the system their lives are timed, well most times, and they are able to work under pressure too!! I mean, boarding school timing puts pressure on these kids. At the end, your child who couldn’t sleep without the lights on, who couldnt make any decision on his own, graduates into an independent young adult, who can do anything!
The Bad Side : The negative side that comes with boarding school would be influence, mostly negative ones, kids are mostly admitted at a stage in their lives, when they don’t feel bad in living lives that their friends approve of, so it is very likely that your child might do what the other kids want them to do and not what he really wants to do.
Like every school there are cliques, the good ones, the smart ones, the bad ones, and most kids are always recruited with the bad ones because they always appear cooler. While this might not determine the kind of person your child will become in future, you may see the effects during his short stay at home, they become reserved and look for every opportunity to get out of your sight, just so they can be the “cool” kid their friends expect them to become.
So as a parent, if you notice your kid doesn’t have a mind of his/her  own, it’s best you fix him/her  in a day school and if they are already in a boarding school , it’s never too late to get them out.
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