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4 Reasons Why Students Pick Unilag In JAMB

4 Reasons Why Students Pick Unilag In JAMB; The University of Lagos is known to many as one of the best Universities in Nigeria, sitting in the heart of Yaba, Akoka in Lagos state Nigeria, the students are nicknamed “akokites”, great akokites! (You can comment great! In the comment section)

In the 2019/2020 academic session, officials in the university of Lagos claim over 60,000 JAMB applicants selected the institution as their first choice, with over 35,000 of them passing the school’s JAMB cut-off mark ( The JAMB cut-off mark for Unilag is 200). The number of applicants to the university of Lagos goes up each year thus begging the question, Why the University of Lagos?

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4 Reasons Why Students Pick Unilag In JAMB

1. History

Some of the greatest clubs in the world have history, many of them have little or no effect on today’s footballing legacy but their rich history keeps them in every conversation, same thing applies to educational institutions like the University of Lagos, University of Ibadan, Havard University, Oxford and many more.

One such history is the rich alumni that the school possess ( UNILAG is one of the first-generation universities in Nigeria and is ranked among the top universities in the world in major education publications, a feat many other schools can’t confidently boast of.

2. Lagos

Everybody wants to come to Lagos, why? That’s where things are bubbling, students to aren’t left out of the “everybody category” as they too also want to experience Lagos life in the great unilag.

Lagos state is the 7th largest city in terms of economy in Africa and is a good enough reason for students to want to attend a university situated in one of the city’s largest areas, Yaba. Lagos is endowed with everything a young undergraduate can only dream of, from opportunities to places where they can truly have fun. And if attending Unilag is reason enough to “chop Lagos life” then so be it.

3. Unilags Learning Environment

It’s no news that education in Nigeria isn’t as flexible as it should be, with many lecturers playing god and bullying students for no reason. While Unilag has its own share of such lecturers, the environment appears to provide more freedom than other schools.

For instance, the dress code in a school like the University of Ilorin is far stricter than Unilag, or the freedom that student union governments experience might not be the best, but it’s better than many other schools. In simpler terms, Unilag provides a more liberal environment than many other universities in Nigeria.

4. Academic Standard

While one might notice a drop in academic standard in the Nigerian educational sector the University of Lagos is one of the few tertiary institutions that have maintained the same jamb cut-off, Mark, over the last couple of years, they have ensured that their JAMB cut-off doesn’t go be below 200 no matter the amount of pressure mounted on them by parents of students who scored below 200 in their jamb examination. This gives hope to the educational sector that hard work and academic excellence are still well regarded in a school like the University of Lagos so you’re almost certain that students who attend the University of Lagos I always one of the best amongst their peers.

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There are many other reasons why students choose the University of Lagos above other universities in Nigeria, if you would like to enrol in the University of Lagos to study any course of your choice first you have to pass jamb, your O’level result has to be good and said you must perform excellently in your post utme examination.

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