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      The Real-Life Story Of A Woman Who Put Her Lover In The Attic

      The Real-Life Story Of A Woman Who Put Her Lover In The Attic; Neighbors heard cries coming from a residence in the upscale LA neighborhood of Layfette Park in 1922. When the cops arrived, they discovered Fred Oesterreich dead and his wife Dolly trapped inside a cupboard. They were positive Dolly had done it, but they couldn’t figure out how.


      A black and white photograp...

      Both Dolly and Fred were German immigrants. Fred had done well and ran a prosperous textiles business in Milwaukee. D&F married when they were young (17 and 20), but it was not a pleasant marriage. At least not for Dolly, who had multiple affairs and was not particularly subtle about it.

      One affair that Fred discovered was with Otto Sanhuber, a 17-year-old repairman at his workplace. Dolly was in her thirties when this started. Fred requested that Dolly quit her relationship with Otto after confronting her with the proof. Dolly consented, and Otto went into hiding.

      a newspaper clipping of a p...



      Some 5 years later, Fred & Dolly’s marriage had not improved. They moved from Milwaukee to LA after Fred became certain their house was haunted – things went missing & he was sure he could hear strange noises coming from the walls.a newspaper clipping of the...
      What Fred didn’t know – what no one knew – was that Dolly had persuaded Otto to permanently live in their attic so they could continue their affair. Otto cut off all contact with the outside world & hid himself away, relying on Dolly for food, water, & clothes.a newspaper clipping that r...
      Later reports claimed she would bring Otto out to have sex with him multiple times every day. 
      When Fred insisted that they move in 1918, Dolly made sure their new house had an attic & snuck Otto in there too. By 1922, Otto had been secretly living in their attic for almost 10 years. 
      On August 22, 1922, a violent fight broke out between Dolly & Fred. Otto, fearing his lover was in danger, left his hiding place, grabbed a .25 calibre rifle & shot Fred 3 times, killing him instantly.a newspaper clipping showin...
      Dolly & Otto then staged the scene to look like a botched burglary & locked Dolly in the closet, with the key on the outside. Otto returned to his hiding place & Dolly screamed until the neighbours called the police.A newspaper article about t...



      The police were suspicious of Dolly but couldn’t explain how she killed Fred if she was locked inside a closet. 
      Dolly inherited Fred’s money & bought herself a new house… with an attic. Even though Dolly & Otto were now free to live openly, they continued to stick to their old arrangement. Otto would later say he was Dolly’s sex slave.A black and white photo of ...
      During all this, Dolly had been having other affairs & she had no intension of stopping. In fact, it was her messy love life that really did for her in the end. She gave one lover a watch she said had been stolen in the ‘robbery’. 
      Another came forward after a bad break up to say Dolly had asked him to get rid of a .25 calibre rifle after the murder. The police arrested Dolly in 1923. While in custody, she asked her lawyer (& lover) Herman Shapiro to feed her ‘vagabond half-brother’, who lived in her attica black and white photo of ...
      Otto was very pleased to see another human & promptly told Shapiro all about his relationship with Dolly. Shapiro was not impressed & threw him out straight away. Otto legged it to Canada. 
      When Dolly & Shapiro broke up in 1930, he finally went to the police to spill the beans. Dolly & Otto were arrested & charged with murder. On July 1st, Otto was found guilty of manslaughter BUT as the statute of limitations had expired & he had to be released. 



      He changed his name to Walter Klein and moved to Canada, where he married, & lived the remainder of his life in obscurity.a black and white photo of ...
      Dolly was also acquitted. She took up with a new lover, whom she later married, & died a free woman in 1961.A black and white photo of ...
      I don’t know if there is a moral to any of this… except maybe that you should always pay extra for the full loft survey when buying a new house… especially if you plan on hiding your lover in there for the next ten years
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      Innocent husband, for what?

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