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JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 2

JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 2; Past questions for students who are about to sit for the upcoming JAMB. This novel is the recommended JAMB text for students.

Characters in The Life Changer; JAMB 2023 recommended text

Chapter-by-Chapter summary of The Life Changer.

JAMB 2023 recommended text; The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli


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#1. Who often says " what you teach a child is like writing on a rock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase"

#2. Who is Jamila?

#3. Ummi is translated in Arabic as _____?

#4. Teemah is the first ________ of the family

#5. Ummi's husband always wanted to study?

#6. What reward was Omar expecting for his achievement?

#7. What was Omar JAMB score?

#8. What was the double celebration in Lafayette?

#9. According to Ummi, what is the first noticeable thing in the university?

#10. According to the novel, how would you describe Salma?

#11. Where did Salma and Ummi first meet?

#12. What is Salma's surname?

#13. Who among the following characters can be described as one with few words?

#14. What exact incident led to Ummi 's development of claustrophobia?

#15. What is Ummi's mariculation number?

#16. Who assisted Ummi's husband with Ummi's admission?

#17. Ummi angrily left the HOD's office because?

#18. According to the Novel, How would you describe Dr Samuel Johnson?

#19. Who apologizes to the HOD on behalf of Ummi?

#20. Who narrated the story of ''the quiet one'' to Ummi?


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