JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 1

JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 1; Past questions for students who are about to sit for the upcoming JAMB. This novel is the recommended JAMB text for students.

Characters in The Life Changer; JAMB 2023 recommended text

Chapter-by-Chapter summary of The Life Changer.

JAMB 2023 recommended text; The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli


#1. What is Ummi's Occupation?

#2. Who can be described as meddlesome?

#3. ''Just call yourself Omar Esquire" Who makes this statement?

#4. What position is Bint in the family?

#5. What was Ummi's reason for her impromptu barging ?

#6. Omar's admission signals________

#7. "Money moves Mountains" This statement was made by _________

#8. What was the reason for the delay at the faculty registration office?

#9. Salma compared lecturers with _________

#10. At what age did Talle lose his father and stepmother ?

#11. Talle was imprisoned for?

#12. The novel is written in the ___________

#13. What brand of Phone did Salim buy?

#14. Omar's achievement was by no means a small feat. This means that?

#15. Habib gives Tomiwa a bundle of _______?

#16. Salma and her roommates were _________

#17. How old is Bint?

#18. How did Omar check his admission status?

#19. What subject is optional in Bint's school?

#20. Omar had ______ credits in the WAEC examination


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JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 1