Technology Indeed is our friend and now applications have been developed to help increase our productivity as students.


You can find topics relevant to your studies, which include Mathematics, Science, Economics and many others. It gives you the freedom to pace your own learning and revisit materials if you ever need a quick refresh. And more importantly – it’s free.

2.Moon+ Reader

This is an app that can enable you to read your favorite books pore through educational tomes on your phone or tablet on the go without having to carry the bulky physical ones with you.

3.My Study Life

Essentially, My Study Life is your digital timetable.

You can input deadlines, revision tasks and assignment deadlines, making it an integrated app which covers multiple aspects of your study life.

4. Vocabulary Builder

Learn and quiz yourself with new words daily, and encounter more advanced vocabulary as you progress along. There is also audio pronunciation, basic definitions and example sentences for each word in case you need extra help mastering the word.

5. Math Tricks:

It is designed to help you learn interesting mathematical tricks and ‘shortcuts’ to accelerate your mental calculation abilities. Such methods can come in handy in case you forget to bring your calculator along for your Math test.

6. CamScanner

There will come a time where you’ll need a copy of your friends’ notes, or take down a wall of text written by your lecturer.

CamScanner can make your life a lot easier. It helps you scan, capture and store your important ‘notes’ for your own reference later. You can also enhance your scans to make the texts clearer and sharper..

Download these apps and get productive on a daily basis