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UNILAG rolls out free Coursera courses for students

UNILAG rolls out free Coursera courses for students; In a dedicated move to empower students with skills vital for the future, relevant certifications, and contemporary knowledge to enhance their employability, the Management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has acquired licenses to provide Coursera training courses, absolutely free of charge (FOC), to its student body.


UNILAG rolls out free Coursera courses for students

The list of proposed Coursera courses, meticulously selected for UNILAG undergraduates, includes the following:

UNILAG Introduces Complimentary Coursera Courses for Students

  1. ASU TESOL Professional
  2. Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud
  3. Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud
  4. Computational Thinking for Problem-Solving
  5. Creative Problem Solving
  6. Critical Thinking Skills for Professionals
  7. Collaborative Foresight: Strategies for Shaping the Future
  8. Communication in the Modern Workplace
  9. Developing Innovative Ideas for Product Leadership
  10. Digital Strategy and Business Opportunities
  11. Digital Channel Planning and E-Commerce Strategies
  12. Digital Leadership and Execution of Digital Strategies
  13. Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  14. Emotional Intelligence: Nurturing Meaningful Human Interactions
  15. Forecasting Skills: Proactively Anticipate Future Trends
  16. Facebook Social Media Marketing
  17. Transitioning from Excel to Power BI
  18. Google Project Management
  19. Google UX Designer
  20. Google Data Analyst (R)
  21. Google IT Automation (Python)
  22. Google IT Support
  23. Mastering High-Impact Business Writing
  24. Introduction to Futures Thinking
  25. Initiating and Planning Successful Projects
  26. IBM Data Science
  27. IBM AI Engineering
  28. IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
  29. IBM Customer Engagement Specialist
  30. IBM Machine Learning
  31. IBM Data Analyst (Python)
  32. Project Management Fundamentals for Success
  33. Ready, Set, Future!
  34. Salesforce Sales Development Representative
  35. Statistical Software Suite (SAS) Programmer
  36. Statistical Software Suite (SAS) Visual Business Analytics
  37. Problem-Solving Through Creative and Critical Thinking
  38. Simulation Skills: Navigating Future Scenarios
  39. The Art of Negotiation
  40. UCI Project Management Professional (PMP)

To partake in this opportunity and enroll in preferred courses, students are encouraged to access the designated page for registration.

It is important to note that the permissible participation duration is four (4) weeks.

This endeavor to provide Free Coursera Courses for Students is made possible through the support of the African Engineering and Technology Network (AFRETEC), funded by the MasterCard Foundation. AFRETEC is a consortium of six (6) African universities striving to advance inclusive digital transformation across the continent. The consortium comprises the University of Lagos, Nigeria; American University, Cairo, Egypt; University of Nairobi, Kenya; University of Rwanda, Kigali; and Carnegie Mellon University, Kigali.

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